Beauty of Botswana

Africa abounds with many possibilities when planning a visit especially for the first time traveller…

Referred to as “The Jewel in the Crown” within Southern Africa is the Okavango Delta, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, located in Botswana.

Botswana is notably recognized as one of the most diverse countries in Africa with so much to offer……crystal clear channels meander throughout the Delta, hippos make their homes in the deeper lagoons and many species of animals graze on the surrounding plains.

Game drives are conducted in open safari vehicles within private concession areas, which makes the experience exclusive because of the remoteness and lack of other vehicles… it it possible to spend more time observing animals in their natural habitat…..spend an hour or so watching leopard cubs play with each other or lions feeding on a recent kill…..these are experiences that may not be possible in other busier and less exclusive areas…..concessions also allow night game drives.

Botswana offers desert experiences in the Central Kalahari, walking with Bushmen and viewing animal species that do not occur in the Delta.

Comfortable camps allow you to visit Nxai Pan National Park and Makagadikgadi Pans which are enormous salt pans that support a surprising amount of animals that have adapted to the harsh conditions…..

Complete the Botswana circuit with a visit to Chobe National Park where it is possible to enjoy a Chobe River boat cruise whilst watching animals coming down to the river to drink and graze along its banks….the Chobe floodplain is enriched each year by the annual floods and this area also supports a great number of different animal species year round.

All of these areas are a short light aircraft flight from each other, so travelling to all of these areas in one safari is a very popular and easy exercise.

It is possible to wake up in the morning in the Central Kalahari desert, have lunch in the Okavango Delta and enjoy sundowners on a motorboat excursion into a deep lagoon in the afternoon. Or enjoy an early morning game drive in the Delta, lunch in Chobe and a river boat cruise in the afternoon …..all without interruption to your daily routine.

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