Why we love to holiday in Africa

Africa is certainly a unique and rewarding destination and the first request that clients ask is to see “the big five” …this catch phrase was introduced by the big game hunters and are certainly amongst the most sought after animals in Africa that are worth seeing…. elephant, buffalo, rhino, lion and leopard….

There is no doubt these are on everyone’s wish list, but there is so much more to being in the bush in Africa and being at one with nature and observing and being able to spend time with a myriad of other animals that frequent the national parks and concessions in south Africa, Botswana, Namibia Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Tanzania….

Each country offers its own flavour and experiences so combining at least 2 or 3 different areas is certainly the most rewarding …. climbing the sand dunes in Namibia or sitting by a floodlit waterhole watching 2 or 3 very endangered black rhino drinking peacefully is almost a spiritual moment that will never be forgotten.

Floating along a crystal clear channel in Botswana’s Okavango delta and finding small reed frogs sitting on lily pads or on swaying grasses is another special experience not to be missed…

Standing next to the thundering Victoria falls that dissects Zimbabwe and Zambia leaves one in awe of nature as the raging waters cascade into the gorges below producing an enormous spray that can be viewed for miles around….

Zambia and Zimbabwe both offer very productive game viewing in remote areas with limited vehicles so the very best moments can be enjoyed in complete solitude….

Kenya offers the famous and most exciting Masai Mara amongst other areas and the variety and amount of animals that can be viewed in stunning surrounds is available all year round with the exception of the famous wildebeest and zebra migration that can be viewed from July to September each year where thousands of animals brave the rivers and crocodiles to reach grazing pastures….a great spectacle

A visit to Africa will refresh your soul and bring you as one into nature as you travel through the bush and spend precious time with its four legged inhabitants…don’t just go to Africa to see “the big five” …. go for the journey, the experiences, the memories and the stories that you will pass on for a long time after your return home…. Let Africa bound plan your perfect African safari, Contact Us!