Staying Tips for Kenya Safari Tours

Kenya is a magical and dazzlingly beautiful country. As African travel specialists, we find that travelers love Kenya for its stunning picturesque scenery, amazing variety of animals, its culture, and the friendliness of the people. Kenya safari tours are safe. When staying in Kenya however, especially for the first time, we have the following tips:

Visas and Passports

Australians need a visa. Passports should be valid for at least 6 months after your departure date from Kenya and you need two or more consecutive unstamped visa pages on your passport. The visa costs around $50 and can be purchased in Nairobi. Ensure that you have the exact money in USD or Kenya shillings.

Medication and Vaccinations

We highly recommend anti-malarial medication when going on a Kenya safari.

Yellow fever vaccination is necessary for all people traveling in Africa and you may be required to show your vaccination certificate upon entering Kenya!Yellow fever vaccinations can be given to children 9 months and older. The vaccine lasts for 10 years and needs to be given at least 10 days before you leave Australia.


In Kenya use bottled water for drinking at all times. Check with your Kenya safari guide as to whether the local tap water is safe for cleaning your teeth.


English and Swahili are the two official languages of Kenya.


Kenya has a pleasant tropical climate averaging between 20 degrees to 30 degrees Celsius. Kenya is humid and hot in the coastal areas all year round. Monsoon winds can cool things down. There is a hotter and drier climate in the northern areas of Kenya.

Photography Restrictions

It is not permissible to take photos of Kenya’s president or his home, airports, the military, police or their barracks, railway stations or airports. If you wish to photograph a Masai warrior you will need his permission. He may ask for payment before allowing the photo!

Items to Pack for Your Kenya Safari

As African travel specialists we recommend that you bring the following items:

  • A wide brimmed, well-made hat
  • A bandana
  • Thongs or sandals
  • Runners or comfortable walking shoes
  • T-shirts or polos in safari colours – khaki, beige, and green shades
  • Long sleeved cotton shirts for protection against insects and mosquitos
  • Shorts
  • Jeans or safari pants
  • A light jumper
  • A sports bra is essential for travelling on bumpy safari roads
  • Swimmers – choose a pair that are not too revealing
  • Your usual personal toiletries, along with sunscreen and a high strength insect repellent
  • A money belt
  • Passport and passport copy
  • Vaccination certification

Luggage Restrictions

When travelling to Kenya by air the amount of luggage permissible depends on your exact destination. 15kg including hand luggage may be all that is permitted. Bags must be soft and cannot contain wheels or hard frames. There is an option to purchase an additional seat on the plane to give you an extra 70kg of luggage allowance.


Aberdare Mountains and Mount Kenya National park are some of the greatest destinations in Africa. Overnight stays at Serena Mountain Lodge or The Ark are terrific stopovers as a part of your Kenya safari.

These lodges give you a wonderful opportunity to view stunning abundant wildlife from the comfort of viewing decks. There are great sighting opportunities for Black Rhino, Bushbuck and endangered bongo Antelope which are normally shy creatures. Elephants, buffalo,giant forest hogs and many more animal species are abundant.

Wildebeest Migration

As African travel specialists we cannot recommend too highly the Wildebeest migration. In this fantastic spectacle of nature nearly 1.5 million wildebeest along with zebras and gazelles cover a 1000km radius. The migration goes from Serengeti National Park in Northern Tanzania to Masai Mara game reserve in Southern Kenya.

Masai Maru Reserve is romantic and picturesque and is home to wildebeest migration. Spectacular scenery and open skies bring a variety of birdlife and abundant game.

Kenya is extremely picturesque, and the beautiful scenery can be seen across this broad country. To suit your personality, preferences and budget,our African travel specialists can custom design a Kenya safari to suit you.


Africa Travel Trends (2017)

Experiential Travel

Those traveling in 2017 are focused on totally immersing themselves in a country or place on a deep level. By connecting to the history of Africa, its culture and its people, travelers are participating in the full culture of this beautiful and spiritual country. African Safari Tours from Australia are a big part of travel this year that is engaging, meaningful and full of fascinating experiences.


Tuning into the natural environment, engaging with nature and connecting with loved ones is at the hear of travel in 2017. As African travel specialists, we bring the spiritual nature and natural wilderness of Africa to travelers, giving you a wealth of opportunities for travel that is based on mindfulness.

African safari tours and eco-lodges are popular this year. The pristine wilderness areas in Kenya Botswana South Africa, Nambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Rwanda and other areas of Africa bring you back to nature and away from technology.

Another popular way to practice mindfulness travel is to connect with nature and with oneself at one of the many stunning coral reefs on the tropical islands of Zanzibar and throughout South Africa.


In travel as well as in the home 2017 sees a shift away from materialism and a focus towards experiences. This puts a focus on more soft adventure activities which are often added on to a vacation. Low risk, healthy outdoor activities are popular. Trekking the African forests, luxury desert camps and African safari tours from Australia are the flavours of 2017.

Special Interest Tours

As African travel specialists, we see that special interests such as observing natural wildlife, bird watching, cooking, and art are popular when traveling this year. Travellers are doing whilst on holiday what is not possible to do at home, and that there is little time to do in our day to day lives.

The raw beauty and natural wilderness of Africa will soothe your soul and spirit. There are abundant opportunities for adventure and breaks from a fast-paced lifestyle and technology. African Safari Tours that connect you with this beautiful and unique country are trending in 2017 and through into 2018.


5 Reasons to Travel to Botswana

Botswana is more popular than ever. This high-end destination is well set up for Botswana safari based accommodation as well as high-end indulgence stays.People are traveling to the country more and more. This is partly due to the stunning natural resources of the region and the government officials protecting the wilderness, animals, and habitat through an innovative tourism policy which dates back to 2002.

Here are 5 reasons to experience the magic of Botswana:

  1. 1.             The Botswana Government is Dedicated to Tourism

The fact that the Botswana government completely embrace ecotourism, combined with the Botswana people’s respectful culture, makes it a very safe travel destination.

Botswana is defined by its economic functionality, and peaceful, economically and political democracy post-independence. Ecotourism practices that benefit the local economies are fully supported and encouraged by the government.

The tourism of Botswana makes the eco-friendly natural wonders of this African region a must see.The beautiful Botswana region is more popular presently than it has been for decades.

  1. 2.             Fantastic Accommodation

Our Botswana safari tours offer great accommodation options. Kanana camp offers a sleepout experience on a 2 level deck equipped with majestic views of the stars. Shinde Camp and Kana are hosts to a wide range of wildlife.

Stanley Camp is renowned worldwide for its elephant interaction tours where you can enjoy lunch with the elephants in their native environment.

There is an abundance of accommodation throughout Botswana and we can custom make an experience to suit your wants, needs, and budget.

The lodges and camps in Botswana are favorite spots of ours. We find you the best spots for the specific time of year that you are traveling.

  1. 3.             Stunning Scenery

Botswana is home to the Chobe National Park, famous for its spectacular elephant population, amazing waterfalls, and stunning scenery. The region contains some of the rarest flora and fauna in Africa.

Okavango Delta in Botswana is one of the worlds largest deltas. The bushland, floodland areas, and abundant natural grasses make it a haven for all species of wildlife and birds.

The untouched wilderness of Botswana is breathtaking, picturesque and striking. The magic of Botswana has us, and many people worldwide, coming back time after time.

  1. 4.             Amazing Botswana Safari Tours

There is an abundance and variety of spectacular wildlife in Botswana throughout the year. A Botswana safari is the present number one African safari choice.Botswana safaris are hugely popular partly because they have one of the most abundant areas in terms of wildlife in Africa. Botswana is renowned for its large herds of elephant families, lions and buffalo, zebra, kudu and many other specifies of impressive and awe-inspiring mammals.

At Africa Bound Tours we are passionate about seeing Africa in less crowded numbers and so restrict numbers and vehicles on game drives. Our Botswana safari tours are designed to bring you the best of what is out there. You will see spectacular birds and abundant wildlife in many forms.

There are many options for travel available including vehicle, light aircraft or private charter. We will organize you the best itinerary for your Botswana safari to suit you and your budget.

  1. 5.             Friendly Culture

The San people are thought to be some of the original inhabitants of Africa. Botswana is one of the last remaining places of habitation for the San people, who have an understanding of the area, its animals and for the wilderness that is unmatched.

The natives of Botswana are friendly and hospitable. They love tourists and you will receive a warm welcome – you will get a fabulous insight into the ways of the local people.

The breathtaking scenery and magnificent African creatures of Botswana will leave you in awe. Botswana is a long-standing eco-tourism country and is known for its cultural experiences, friendly local people, and safety, making Botswana a must-see destination. For a magical African experience like no other, contact us about Botswana safari tours.


What You Need to Know About Chobe National Park

Chobe National Park is a jewel of Botswana and was the country’s first dedicated national park. It has the largest concentration of game throughout the whole of Africa, with elephants being the most magnificent and abundant.

Also known as the Land of the Giants, Chobe contains a massive floodplain which provides abundant waters for wildlife throughout the year. The region is renowned for elephant herds, large buffalo, and game such as leopards and lions. The native grasses attract large and impressive herds of kudu and zebra and beautiful birdlife.

You will find Chobe exhilarating and exciting.

A Chobe River Boat Cruise is a Must

As African travel specialists, we highly recommend the Chobe riverboat cruise. The cruise allows you the opportunity to see animals grazing and drinking from the water. The riverboat cruise is a totally relaxing and unique way to see the African wildlife and a must do in Chobe.


Machine Safari Lodge and Ngoma Safari Lodge are great choices of accommodation within Chobe National Park. Both lodges have laundry services, stunning views over the Chobe region, a pool, private bathroom, air conditioning, minibar and dining room.

The Zambezi Queen (known as the ZQ) is also a great way to see and stay in Chobe. This riverboat offers you the ultimate in comfort and elegance.  With just 14 suites this vessel combines adventure with luxury.

Great Destinations in Chobe

Chobe National Park is located just one hour by road to the magnificent Victoria Falls. The scenery and atmosphere of this renowned natural phenomenon is breathtaking,

The most popular tourist destination in Chobe is Serondela. Despite the popularity of the region, it is quite common not to see other vehicles. Wildlife is abundant, and we commonly see loads of elephants as well as giraffes, baboons, crocodile, antelope, hippopotamus, and lions feeding. There are around 50,000 elephants just in Chobe National park and you are sure to sight entire elephant families!

Chobe National Park is an amazing destination all year round, however,as African Travel specialists find that April until September is the ideal time to visit. For more information contact us at Africa Bound